Our History

A subsidiary of ARKOPHARMA laboratories, the European leader in phytotherapy and Herbal Medicine.

PLANTE SYSTEM dermatological laboratory was created in 2002. Plante System Natural Cosmetics range is Organic and Parabens free.

It has benefited ARKOPHARMA’s outstanding Herbal expertise to create cosmetic products that focus on dermatological health. We combine Innovative textures and Traditional use of herbs to offer your skin  the best of Nature.

As it has its own laboratory and Research and Development department, PLANTE SYSTEM can be innovative and creative while respecting the requests of our consumers, creating a natural cosmetics benchmark and retaining full control over the quality of its products from an industrial standpoint. PLANTE SYTEM products are formulated on-site in the ARKOPHARMA lab, on the French Riviera, which is famous for its wonderful flora, sunny weather and expertise in perfumery.

The originality of PLANTE SYSTEM products lies in the use of natural herbal extracts, the inclusion of the P.E.S.® complex (Plant Extract System), and natural fragrances mostly designed in Grasse.

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