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Give your skin the best of Nature !
PLANTE SYSTEM Natural Cosmetics

The best of Nature with PLANTE SYSTEM Natural Cosmetics :  Based on scientific data and using rare and pure extracts formulated from natural and high quality raw ingredients, PLANTE SYSTEM is complete range of natural and organic skin care products.
Tested under dermatological control and never tested on animals, PLANTE SYSTEM products are 100% hypoallergenic, Non-comedogenic and suitable for all sensitive skins.

The best of Nature
The effectiveness of PLANTE SYSTEM Natural Cosmetics is mainly due to the choice of plants which are used to make the products. The rigorous selection process is based on scientific data and aims to obtain the extracts containing the most active ingredients: rare and pure extracts formulated from natural and high quality raw ingredients.

High tolerance through CO² extracts.
Purer and more concentrated extracts can be obtained through the unique extraction process used by PLANTE SYSTEM Natural Cosmetics. As all pollution residue is removed, the plant is restored to its purest state and recovers all of its properties, which improves its action and provides better tolerance.

100% hypoallergenic
Our products are tested under dermatological control.

A complete range of natural and organic skin care products.
Most of the PLANTE SYSTEM range is ECOCERT and GREENLIFE certified and more than 95% of the plants used in the products are derived from organic farming.

Products are not tested on animals.

Non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin.
All our products meet current cosmetic standards.

Renewed pleasure, day after day.
Pleasure and sensuality are the major benefits of the range, with its creamy, delicate textures and fragrances created by the perfumers of Grasse.

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